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United States-based Illustrator, professional conga line dancer, and designer Andrew Houser specializes in pencil, marker, pen, and ink illustration work. Sketching was a hobby turned full-time freelance work for Houser after finding success through rebrand design projects, logo design, and commissioned illustration work.

Andrew began to pursue a career in freelance illustration in 2016 but has been drawing since before he knew how to read or write. Since then he has collaborated with various local businesses in his hometown of Bozeman, Montana, and with other artists based in different parts of the world, drawing commissioned illustrations and designing for independently owned and operated business start-ups.

At 22, Andrew’s ambitions are grand and his dreams all the grander. he eagerly awaits with a drafting pencil in hand for the next idea for a personal project and/or commission illustration to come his way.

When not at work, Andrew is searching for churro machines while riding his OneWheel, telling dad jokes, or causing mass hysteria with his friends, The Bois.

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